STUDIO | 意得谱德建筑设计

KINH studio is an international consulting firm, based on experienced architects, urban planners and designers We support our clients on various strategic planning, design and implementation projects with a strong focus on the realization of aspects of sustainable development and the design solutions for a high quality of live in a healthy environment. The roots of the company are dated back in 2004. We are based with our office in downtown Beijing and have supporting hubs in Berlin. We merge profound experiences out of the real world implementation of ambi- tious projects and the knowledge of state of the art academic transcultural and transdisciplinary design-research.

KINH STUDIO 是由资深建筑师、城市规划师、工程师、设计师组成的国际设计 公司.我们为客户各类项目提供城市规划、 绿色节能建筑设计直至项目实施等服 务。同时重点关注实现可持续发展目标通过设计方案来达到健康环境中的高质 量生活。 公司的总部设于北京,并在柏林设有分支中心。从多 年的项目实践中我们积累了丰富的经验,同时也参 与到最前沿跨文化跨学科设 计研究之中

KINH Studio Berlin office
KINH Studio/UC architects Beijing office